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There are many companies in Visalia for Plumbing & Septic tank pumping. But we’re proud to say that Pro Rooter & Septic has been among the most trusted, most experienced companies in the Visalia / Fresno area for four decades now and counting.

For Visalia schools and businesses, medical centers and colleges, hotels and casinos, homes and farms, Pro Rooter & Septic is on call, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, to fix any issues related to your plumbing and sewage.

We’ve got Visalia covered, from Riverway Sports Park in the north to Visalia College of the Sequoias in mid-town and Mooney Grove Park in the south. Our business specializes in providing plumbing and septic services to the entire 36 square miles of Visalia.

In fact, Pro Rooter & Septic is always on call, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, for any home plumbing problems, septic system issues, and more. For less than you might expect when we come out at night or on weekends for plumbers in Visalia.

We Cover Visalia On Highways 99 And 198 Like Nobody Else Can

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Free Estimates: Plumbing and Septic Projects in Visalia

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When a plumbing or septic tank emergency occurs and your pipes start spewing unmentionables, you want to know the cost of repair. We clearly do not blame you. That’s why about 95% of our customers call us. So call now to get a Pro Rooter & Septic free estimate in writing before we start rolling up our sleeves.

Plus, we put our money behind our service with a 100% money-back guarantee. Have a bigger project that costs a bit more? Then ask about our 100% financing.

Experience, Equipment and Everything You Need

We are a leading plumbing and septic services company in Visalia. And our family has run this business for 40 years which has helped us in becoming trusted professionals in the area.

Our team uses modern vehicles and machinery for all kinds of projects. We also provide pumping and plumbing solutions with top-notch tools like vacuum trucks, dump trucks, and other equipment.

We are proud to serve the Central Valley community and appreciate your trust in our experience and expertise to easily handle all kinds of everyday problems. Home problems like clogged drains and broken pipes can sometimes occur.

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Well-Trained Technicians for Visalia-Based Clients

Again, you can trust our experience, especially because we take pride in extensively training our field technicians to expertly handle all kinds of everyday problems. These typically, but don’t always, include: clogged drains, broken pipes, toilets that don’t flush or won’t stop flushing water on your floor, disposals that are indisposed, leaky faucets, showers that aren’t showering, or septic problems that are better fixed and not discussed.

Finally, we’re Better Business Bureau-approved for Visalia plumbing and septic service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Common Causes Of Leachline Blockages?

Getting clogged with waste is one of the biggest reasons why these blockages occur.

2. Can Heavy Rain Impact Leachline Performance?

Rainfall has a huge effect on leachline performance. Heavy rainfall decreases leachate components but increases pH to 11-12. Normal rainfall increases leaching but decreases pH to 7-9.

3. I Have An Old Septic System, Will I Have To Invest In Leachline Pumping In Visalia More Frequently?

Yes, there can be a chance. This is simply because some systems need frequent pumping in Visalia, while some can go up to 10-20 years without pumping.

4. How To Identify If My Septic System Is Connected To Leachlines?

Checking the previous records of your property is one of the best ways to find out if your home in Visalia has a septic system.

5. How Long Do The Leachlines In Visalia Last?

A leach field lasts 15-25 years. But in some cases, they can last upto 25-30 years.

6. How Does The Size Of A Septic System Impact Leachline Pumping Frequency?

The frequency of septic tank pumping in Visalia depends on tank size, people count, water usage, garbage disposal use, and solids accumulation.

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Don’t know how much it will cost to get your problem fixed? Afraid of sticker shock after the job is done? That’s why we offer free estimates in writing prior to starting any project. Plus, we confidently provide a 100% guarantee or your money back, and 100% financing if needed (some limitations apply).