Plumbing and Septic Tank Pumping in Fresno

Pro Rooter & Septic is one of the leading places for Fresno septic tank services and plumbing services. So feel free to contact us, if you are looking for any kind of septic tank services in Fresno and the areas around it.

40 Years of Experience

We offer many types of Fresno septic tank services. This helps you to run the septic tank smoothly throughout the year. Our 40 years of field experience come in handy in providing our claim. Moreover, all our field technicians are trained and experienced. This is beneficial for just about any kind of plumbing or septic issue you may have.

Round-the-clock Services

From Highways 41 and 99 north and south to Highways 168 and 180 east and west, Pro Rooter & Septic answers the call, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week to offer our expertise to fix your plumbing problems and resolve your septic or sewage issues.

Residential Septic Service In and Around Fresno

Our recently updated fleet of dump trucks and vans, backhoes and boring equipment, trenchless sewer line replacement equipment and septic pumping near me keeps the Pro Rooter & Septic phones ringing.

Moreover, our customers always choose us to fix their commodes and other plumbing fixtures on Christmas Eve when they’ve got a houseful of people. They love that we come out on nights and weekends without charging them extra for septic tank installation near me. And they trust us to find their water leaks, repair their broken pipes, and re-pipe their faulty pipes.

What Are The Recommendations Of Our Professionals?

Pumping of Residential Septic Tank


Serviced or pumped every 2-3 years.

Pumping Services in commercial & industrial places


Start a regular maintenance schedule for monitoring your septic tank sludge levels.



Pro Rooter & Septic offers certifications with prompt, clean, honest, and reliable service.

The Types of Fresno Plumbing and Septic Services We Offer

Toilets, tubs, sinks, and faucets

Plumbers In Fresno

Residential / commercial re-piping

Leachline Replacement Clovis


Septic Tank Installation Near Me

Water heater installations & repairs


Sewer camera & locating


Drain & sewer cleaning


Leaky pipes


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Regularly Do I Have To Pump My Home Septic Tank?

The frequency of pumping depends on your usage. It is always advisable to invest in professional pumping every three to five years for optimal performance.

2. For How Long Should The Tank Be Pumped?

The time mostly depends on the tank size. The pumping mostly takes around thirty minutes to an hour.

3. Should I Be Worried After Forgetting To Pump My Septic Tank On Time?

If you do not pump the tank on time, it is bound to take a hazardous turn. Pump it regularly to avoid safety hazards and reduce drain field capacity.

4. Is Septic Tank Cleaning And Septic Tank Pumping In Fresno Any Different?

Yes, absolutely. While pumping is the process of removing the liquid and sludge, cleaning denotes the removal of all the water and sludge from the bottom of your home septic tank.

5. Will Excessive Water Usage Impact My Septic Tank?

Yes, it will. Excessive usage of water is very bad for the septic tank. This overloads the entire system which only means you will have to frequently spend on septic tank pumping.

6. Can I Pump My Septic Tank More Frequently Than Recommended?

No, you should never. Septic tanks need a balance of bacteria and enzymes in order to break down solid waste. So, pumping your tank too often will disrupt this balance.

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