Clovis Septic Leachline Replacement & Clovis Plumbing Services

You can find a number of companies listed for Clovis Septic Plumbing and leachline replacement in Clovis, as well as plumbing services. But we’re proud to say that Pro Rooter & Septic has been among the most trusted, most experienced companies in the Clovis / Fresno area for four decades now and counting.

For Clovis schools and businesses, medical centers and colleges, hotels and casinos, homes and farms, Pro Rooter & Septic is on call, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, to fix your plumbing problems and clean out your septic or sewage problems.

All of the Experience & Equipment Anyone Could Want

Pro Rooter & Septic

We like to say “No job is too big. No job is too small. And no job is too far away.” That’s because as a family owned and operated plumbing and septic business with 40 years of experience, we appreciate each and every customer.

Because Pro Rooter & Septic covers such a wide service are, we have an updated fleet of all kinds of equipment for just about any type of job anyone could want. This includes vacuum trucks, dump trucks and vans; backhoes and boring equipment, and trenchless sewer line replacement equipment and more.

Free Estimates for Every Clovis Septic Plumbing Project

We get it. You want to know what it will cost to fix your broken septic tank, drain your septic system, unclog your drain, unplug your toilet, or inspect your leachline.

We get it, too. Which is why Pro Rooter & Septic provides a free estimate in writing before we start any project. We even back that up with a 100% guarantee or your money back.

Plus, for bigger projects that may require several technicians or pieces of equipment, we offer 100% financing if needed.

Clovis Septic Plumbing

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Extensively Trained Service Technicians for Leachline Replacement in Clovis

Leachline Replacement in Clovis

Regardless of what type of septic or plumbing problem you may have, you don’t want a rookie technician trying to figure out what to do. To prevent that, we screen and hand-pick each of our technicians to enable them to solve your problem pronto.

So for broken pipes or clogged drains, overflowing toilets, disposals that aren’t disposing, faulty faucets, intermittent showers, or any other types of water damage, leaks and more, call the Better Business Bureau-approved septic and plumbing pros at Pro Rooter & Septic. After all, we specialize in septic, plumbing and leachline replacement in Clovis and the Central Valley.

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Don’t know how much it will cost to get your problem fixed? Afraid of sticker shock after the job is done? That’s why we offer free estimates in writing prior to starting any project. Plus, we confidently provide a 100% guarantee or your money back, and 100% financing if needed (some limitations apply).