The 9 Best Fresno Septic System Tips

What are the nine most important and most common Fresno septic system tips you should know? Read them here, then call Pro Rooter and Septic at (559) 623-2340 if you have any questions, if you are having a problem, or if you just want some friendly advice from a Central California expert, from Madera to Fresno to Selma, and all towns in between.

Septic System Tip #1: Sign Up For an Annual Inspection With a Service Contract

How much sewage does your tank process? If the tank is not large enough for your use –– every day, every month and every year ––your septic tank may need to be pumped sooner than you might expect.

The best and most cost-efficient way to save money is to have a service contract with a company in your area that has a great reputation for everything you need.

By inspecting your septic system once annually, it can save you time and money later on to run it efficiently, optimally, and for peace of mind.

On the other hand, you can check the levels yourself if you know what you’re looking for. Smell for odors, look for wet spots, and watch out for sewage that may be gurgling on the surface.

Septic System Tip #2: Maintain Your System

You shouldn’t go a year without seeing your doctor. You probably still visit your dentist once to twice a year. You change the oil in your car or truck periodically. And you should definitely change the batteries in your smoke alarms twice a year.

So periodic pumping is actually a great Fresno septic system tip that we can share with you. After all, proactive prevention of any potential septic system problems can’t be stressed more emphatically.

In fact, at the minimum, we recommend having your septic system pumped by a septic professional once every two to three years. Again, this periodic maintenance can help prevent any expensive repair and / or replacement problems from occurring.

Septic System Tip #3: Keep Very Accurate Records of Service

It’s important to do a few things about your septic system.

First, you should have a diagram of what your system location is and keep a record of how often you have it inspected, maintained, pumped, and serviced so you can pass this information along if you should ever sell your home or move away.

Next, you should keep a copy of this vital information in your home in a place that is easily accessible and easy to remember.

Septic System Tip #4: Conserve Wastewater

You know that your septic tank system naturally produces wastewater, also known as the effluent, which filters out through the perforated pipes in your drain field’s network. But when you produce less wastewater as one of your Fresno septic system tips, you correspondingly create less of a strain on your septic system.

In addition, if you manage to actually reduce wastewater usage, you will be able to extend the usefulness of your drain field and help ensure that your system lasts longer.

Septic System Tip #5: Call a Certified Septic Company’s Technician When You Have a Problem

As they say on TV, “Do not try this at home”. So as stated in the opening of this blog, you should always rely on a certified septic system professional if you are having a problem with your tank or system.

You just don’t want to be messing with the bodily waste or other nasty stuff that’s in your septic tank. Besides, it can emit poisonous gases

Also, you can do yourself a favor by not flushing scum, sludge, fat, grease, or anything else like motor oils, vehicle fuels, paints, chemicals, diapers or sanitary napkins, or paper towels down your drains.

Don’t use a garbage disposal to grind up egg shells, coffee grounds, fruit peels, vegetables, or other foods. There’s only one place they can go and if you accumulate too much of these items, you’re just going to have a big problem. Enough said!

Septic System Tip #6: Prevent Overflowing.

Sludge is not only bad for your Fresno septic system. It also requires your tank to be cleaned more often.

In fact, once the sludge level gets up to a higher level that it should, more solid substances in your tank and septic system can permeate out into your drainage field.

In addition, the sludge and the other materials in your tank frequently prevent liquids from flowing through your pipes so that they can be absorbed into your soil and drainage fields.

Septic System Tip #7: Check Your Filter.

We link to think of your septic system as a “living filter”. Why? Because it can naturally separate scum from solids to pretreat your wastewater before it can flow out to your drainage filed for purification.

This process typically takes anywhere from one to two days to accomplish the filtration, which is an effective way to prevent any solids from clogging your pipes and your septic system’s pump.

Septic System Tip #8: Ventilation.

When you’re hot in your car, truck, or home, you open a window or turn on your air conditioner. That’s why ventilation is an essential tip for your septic system to enable your system and its percolation trenches to work more efficiently.

Septic System Tip #9: Maintain Your System With a 100% Guarantee

As we’ve mentioned above, annual inspections, regularly scheduled maintenance, and preventive check-ups can help you keep your septic system running the way it should.

A professional septic system field technician will check your tank and system for any leaks, determine how much scum and sludge are in your tank, and perform the maintenance work.

Best of all, our last Fresno septic system tip is that you should be offered a 100% guarantee, or your money back, with 100% financing if needed. However, some limitations typically apply.

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